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The connection between health and wealth is about more than just money.

What Inspired Woman's Worth®?

The Health-Wealth Connection

Woman's Worth

At Woman's Worth®, we specialize in working with women. We understand the emotional and even the physical-health issues that women face when dealing with finances. And we can help. Because ladies, it’s not just about the money! It’s about total wellbeing!

When you're ready to design your own strategy for financial independence, we're ready for you.

Jeannette Bajalia founded Woman’s Worth® after 35 years of professional experience within the financial services industry, in major corporations, and as an independent business owner. Her intimate, in-depth understanding of women’s finances – and their related emotional and physical health effects – gives her a unique perspective on helping women plan their financial futures.

Jeannette's passion for helping women led to the establishment of Woman’s Worth®, and now through the Growing Bolder Institute, she offers practical advice, information and tips for helping women of all ages build financial independence.

Jeannette Bajalia

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