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Kathryn Bower

When Should You Retire?

Jeannette Min 26 - Avoid Regret Plan Now - GBFI

Avoid Regret: Plan Now!

Jeannette Min 24 - Understanding the Bucket Strategy - GBFI

Understanding the Bucket Strategy

Jeannette Min 23 - The Real Purpose of Money - GBFI

The Real Purpose of Money

3 - Health Wealth-GBFI

The Health-Wealth Connection: Why it’s So Powerful

Jeannette Min 22 - Find Someone Genuine - GBFI

Find Someone Genuine

Miss Vi 16x9

Never Give Up on Your Goals

Jeannette Min 19 - Why Every Woman Needs a Plan - GBFI

Why Every Woman Needs a Plan

Frances Kinne s2 clean

The Power of Persistence

18-Putting Children on Bank Accounts-GBFI

Putting Children on Bank Accounts and Property Deeds

17-You Specialize In Helping Women-GBFI

Specializing in Helping Women (Without Excluding Men)

16-When Do You Know Youve Impacted-GBFI

When Do You Know You’ve Impacted Someone’s Life?

Jeannette Min 21 - The Womans Worth Difference - GBFI

The Woman’s Worth® Difference

12-Why Long-term Care-GBFI

Why Long-Term Care is Something Most Don’t Think About Until It’s Too Late

15-Some Basic Tips on Social Sec-GBFI

Some Basic Tips on Social Security

11-Why Women Need to be Involved-GBFI

Why Women Need to Be Involved in Financial Decisions

10 - Growing Epidemic-GBFI

The Growing Epidemic of Poverty for Older Women

Bugs Bower

Have a Positive Outlook

14-A Man is Not a Plan-GBFI

A Man is Not a Plan

Nola Ochs

Find the Satisfaction Within

9 - What Led You to-GBFI

What Led Jeannette Bajalia to Retirement Planning for Women?

Frances Kinne s2 clean

Think Positive!

8 - Taking Care of Yourself-GBFI

The Importance of Taking Care of Yourself

7 - Difference Between Planning-GBFI

The Difference Between Planning and Investing


Live Every Day to the Fullest

The Difference Between Men and Women (When it Comes to Life Planning)

The Real Difference Between Men and Women (When It Comes to Life Planning!)

Kathryn Bower

You Need to Have These Two Things for a Purposeful Life

Jeannette Min 20 - The Problem with Most Financial Planners - GBFI

The Problem With Most Financial Planners

13-Lifestyle Scenario Planning-GBFI

Lifestyle Scenario Planning

Retirement Done Right

Retirement Done Right

Kathryn Bower

50 Years of Work, and Still Going Strong

Jeannette Min 32 - The Power of Life Insurance - GBFI

Do You Need Life Insurance? Answer These Questions and Find Out.

Toni-Tenille 16x9

If You’ve Made This Relationship Mistake, You’re Not Alone

Bugs Bower

“Do What You Want to Do!”

Jeannette Min 27 - You Dont Need an Investor You Need a Life Planner - GBFI

You Need a Life Planner


Where Will Life Take You?


Change the Way You View Aging

Jeannette Min 29 - The Truth About Annuities - GBFI

The Truth About Annuities

Ann Kahl

Invest In Your Health to Create Your Own Wealth

Jeannette Min 28 - Keeping Things Up to Date - GBFI

Keeping Things Up to Date

What You Absolutely Must Know About Your Financial Future

What You Need To Know About Your Financial Future

Jeannette Min 25 - Why Longevity Planning Makes More Sense - GBFI

Why Longevity Planning Makes More Sense


Life in the Fast Lane

6 - Four Types of Planning-GBFI

The 4 Types of Planning That are Critical to Your Future

5 - What Mistakes Should-GBFI

What Mistakes Should Women Avoid at All Costs?

1 - Integrated Planning-GBFI

Integrated Planning

4 - Two Basic Tips-GBFI

Two Basic Tips about Retirement Planning

13-Lifestyle Scenario Planning-GBFI

Financial Planning is Life Planning

The Three Major Life Events That Can Plunge Women Into Financial Crisis

3 Life Events That Can Affect Your Financial Future